Driving Record Monitoring

Driving Record Monitoring

Fleet Alert is our online service that provides powerful ongoing driver record monitoring that can help you manage employee risk more effectively. Automatically monitor your employee’s driving records on a regular basis. Our Fleet Alert system will automatically check for new violations, DUI or DWI convictions, license suspensions, revocations, and approaching license renewal dates.

The fleet alert service provides daily proactive Driving Record Alert email notifications. Notices with summarized details of new driving record occurrences will be e-mailed to you immediately when the violation appears on their driving record. Our Fleet Alert system can reduce employer liability and ensure that only eligible drivers operate company and/or personal vehicles during company time.

Driver Management is directly integrated with the Fleet Alert’ system. Keep all your driver’s information in one place including current driving record, employment application and release forms. Add and remove drivers with ease. A simple template and upload wizard is also available to manage bulk drivers.

Why Choose FleetAlert.org?

Helps reduce your liability and ensures that only eligible drivers operate company and/or personal vehicles during company time.

Automates and streamlines the way you monitor your drivers and manage driving records allowing you to lower your administrative costs.

Identifies only new driver incidents, filtering drivers with no activity, allowing you to concentrate on those new records needing more detailed review. This will reduce cost and time!

When drivers know their record is being moniitored….the results in better and safer driving.
Helps you improve your safety standards resulting in reduced insurance rates.

Affordable Pricing – For just pennies a day per driver you can have a compete driver record monitoring and fleet management system at your finger tips 24/7 365 days a year.

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