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Colorado Driving Records

Colorado Driving records, also called a Motor Vehicle record (MVR) are available form our driving record system for employment screening and DOT Compliance.  You can order a 7 Year driving record for both CDL and Non CDL Drivers.   Driving Records can include moving violations, accidents, license suspensions, revocations, DUI, re-in statements, restrictions and Medical Card Certification for CDL drivers.

We also Offer PSP Reports from the FMCSA that will show 5 years of Crash history and 3 Years of Inspection History for Colorado Drivers

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Running a Colorado Driving Record before hiring a driver and every year is the best way to keep your company safe and in compliance with the DOT.  FMCSA PSP Reports will show additional information that is not on a MVR like crash and inspection history.

2017 – average annual trucking industry salary
In 2017, jobs the trucking industry in Colorado provided

As of April 2017, there were over 13,000 trucking companies located in the great state Colorado, most of them small, locally owned businesses.

Commercial Drivers License Information

(49 CFR 383)

GVWR Medical Card CDL
16,001 pounds to 26,000 pounds (non-hazmat interstate) YES NO
16,001 pounds to 26,000 pounds (non-hazmat intrastate) NO NO
16,001 pounds to 26,000 pounds (placardable amount of hazmat) YES YES
26,001 pounds and above (includes GCWR of 26,001> pounds when the towed unit has a GVWR of 16,001> pounds by itself) YES YES
Buses designed to transport 16+ passengers including driver (includes school, church and daycare buses) YES YES

As of April 2018, a typical 5-axle tractor-semitrailer combination paid over $8,000 in state highway user fees and taxes in addition to almost $9,000 in federal user fees and taxes.

A release form is required before running a driving record.

Download a sample driving record release

FMCSA PSP Reports required a separate release form

Download PSP Release Form