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Driving Record Services

TR Information Services and DrivingRecord.net is the premier source for instant access to driving records and (MVR) motor vehicle record information. We offer the fastest turnaround times of driving records and our web based service is the easiest system to use by far.

The two primary purposes for ordering driving records are pre-employment screening and insurance underwriting.  Driving records give these two industries an insight into the driving habits of the individuals that may driver for your company, and enable them to make informed and accurate decisions.

Checking the driving record of current and prospective employees is crucial to the success of your businesses. Your first step in Fleet management driving safety is checking the driving records of your all your drivers. Fleet management safety programs lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime, better planning and improved use of equipment, better employee morale, reduced insurance costs and improved customer satisfaction. All this with DrivingRecord.net.

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FMCSA -Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP)

Get more information then what is on a Driving Record for you prospective CDL driver.  The program helps carriers make more informed hiring decisions by providing secure, electronic access to a commercial driver’s 5-year crash and 3-year inspection history from the FMCSA Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

  • FMCSA – PSP Report

  • 5 Years of Date – Number & Date of Crashes

  • Number of Injuries – Number of Fatalities

  • Carrier Name – Driver Inspections

  • Driver Out-of-Service Inspections and Service Rate Hazmat Inspections

  • Hazmat Out-of-Service Inspections and Service Rate Vehicle

  • Out-of-Service Inspections and Service Rate Inspection Details

  • Violation Summary

Quick App – Electronic Release Forms and Signatures

Comply with the FCRA.  Streamline the application process by providing a quick and easy way for your applicants to view and sign the FCRA required release forms.  With a simple click, a customized email invitation is sent to the applicant explaining the whole driving record screening process.

The applicant then clicks a link that enables him/her to electronically sign a 50 state compliant disclosure and Authorization Form consenting to the screening.  A summary of the applicant’s rights under the FCRA is provided to the applicant and best of all, the applicant enters all of their own information relevant to the screening report you are requesting on that candidate.  The Release form is then uploaded automatically to your web portal for processing.

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